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Faucet Installation Costs & Prices

We have collected data nationwide to help calculate the average cost of faucet installation in the US. The following are average costs and prices reported back to us:

Cost of Faucet Installation

$187.01 for sink or bath faucet (install only) (Range: $147.41 - $226.61)
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Faucet Installation Cost Checklist

Faucet Installation Cost Checklist

Cost of Faucet InstallationThe cost of installing a faucet will increase or decrease based upon a number of factors. Here are a list of factors that will impact the cost:

1. Location of faucet. The cost of installation or replacement will vary depending on what type of faucet you are looking to install. Is this a kitchen or bathtub faucet? A shower head? Will the faucet be indoors or outdoors? Is the plumbing in a hard to reach area?

2. Existing plumbing. If existing plumbing is not up to code, it may be necessary to replace rusting pipes before installing a new faucet. These repairs will result in an additional charge. If the plumber has to temporarily move the garbage disposal to access the faucet, it will likely cost more money.

3. Type of Fixture. The material and finish of the fixture you choose will likely affect the cost of faucet installation the most. Faucets can be made of plastic, stainless steel, nickel, pewter, chrome, bronze, gold, or iron. Additionally, many of the metal options come in a variety of finishes, from matte bronze to brushed nickel. Nickel and pewter finishes are easy to maintain, but chrome fixtures show fingerprints and require more cleaning. While a basic faucet may only cost $20, some more ornate, metal fixtures may cost several hundred dollars.

4. Water Control. The flow of water can be shut on and off with a variety of different control systems. Many kitchen faucets only have one handle and water temperature is determined by the position of that handle. They may also have a pull-out or pull-down sprayer attached. Many tub and bathroom faucets have two separate handles that separate hot and cold water. Some sink faucets require simple knobs, levers, or handles, newer faucets may feature touch or motion-activated controls. These more technologically advanced options will likely increase the cost of installation and future repairs. Showerheads also vary greatly in design. Rainfall showers and showers with multiple faucets will cost more to install.

5. Water Efficiency. If you are looking to conserve water, there are now faucets designed to be more environmentally friendly. These water-efficient faucets have a lower flow rate and can help save hundreds of gallons of water on an annual basis. The lower flow rate can also reduce energy costs by lessening the demand on the water heater.

6. Existing countertop and sink considerations. Faucets come in a variety of shapes and sizes and it is important to make sure your new faucet will fit in the existing holes in your countertop. It is much cheaper to find a fixture that works with the existing set-up than replacing expensive countertops to accommodate a new faucet. Some fixtures only require one hole, while others require 3 or more in order to fit the main faucet and separate hot and cold handles. Other center-set faucets have separate hot and cold controls, but all three items are part of one large fixture. If your faucet includes a sprayer or a built-in soap dispenser, this will also require additional holes. Some sinks may need a wall-mounted or free-standing faucet. If this is the case, plumbing changes will incur an additional cost.

7. Upgraded features. There are several ways to upgrade your faucet. In the kitchen, you may choose to install a pot filler faucet. While these add a unique design feature to your kitchen, they can also add hundreds of dollars to the cost of installation. If you would like to add a water filtration system to a kitchen faucet, this may also increase the cost of replacing or installing a faucet. Also, a faucet with LED lights may increase the cost of replacement.

8. Warranty and replacement parts. Particular brands of faucets come with warranties that include free replacement parts. Before ordering parts to repair your faucet or buying a new fixture all together, make sure to research the benefits of different warranty options.

9. Faucet mechanisms. The internal mechanism of the faucet may not be visible, but it may affect the cost of future repairs. Some of the different mechanisms are ball valve, ceramic disk, cartridge, and compression valve. You may want to ask your plumber about potential maintenance issues with each kind.

10. Connectors and mountings. Connectors and mounting hardware should be included in the cost of installation. However, if the existing mounting hardware has rusted, you can expect an additional fee to remove the existing faucet.

11. Outdoor faucets. If major structural or plumbing modifications need to be made, the cost of installation will increase. Also, expect to pay more for frost-proof and anti-siphon spigots that may be necessary for colder climates.

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Faucet Installation Cost Estimate Checklist

When evaluating a cost estimate from a plumber, here are some items to consider:

- Will you ensure the plumbing is up to code?
- Can I buy my own faucet from a home improvement store?
- Will the faucet be ordered through the plumber? Will that include any warranty?
- Is the new faucet compatible with pre-existing structures?
- Will new holes need to be drilled in my countertops? If so, is this included in the cost estimate?
- Will the faucet be compatible with the existing sink and drain?
- Are cleanup and disposal of the existing sink included in the cost estimate?
- How many years should I expect the faucet to last?
- Does the new faucet have an internal mechanism that may require additional maintenance?
- How long should I expect for the installation to take?
- What kind of maintenance does the new faucet require? Has the plumber included any warranty? Does it include free replacement parts?
- Does the quote include any permit inspections?

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Faucet Installation Cost Factors

Cost of Faucet Installation

Learn more about the factors that increase and decrease the cost of installing a faucet.

Find Costs & Prices in Your City

Faucet Installation Cost Data

10035, New York, New York - December 26, 2023

Faucet Installation

$40.00 to $80.00 for sink or bath faucet (install only)
$40.00 to $80.00 for sink or bath faucet (includes mid-grade fixture)
Start low

Reported by:
Randy Thorne, Ranson Repairs llc
See the New York Faucet Installation Cost Report
30813, Grovetown, Georgia - December 12, 2023

Faucet Installation

$100.00 to $175.00 for sink or bath faucet (install only)
Price depends on the type of sink

Reported by:
Ryan Newsome, A Handy Guy
See the Grovetown Faucet Installation Cost Report
92277, Twentynine Palms, California - August 11, 2023

Faucet Installation

$120.00 to $175.00 for sink or bath faucet (install only)
$175.00 to $350.00 for sink or bath faucet (includes mid-grade fixture)
I charge flat rate customer provided material cost less for me to install if I provide material flat rate plus cost of material I do not mark up material

Reported by:
See the Twentynine Palms Faucet Installation Cost Report
97333, Corvallis, Oregon - August 1, 2023

Faucet Installation

$40.00 for sink or bath faucet (install only)

Reported by:
ProMatcher Research Team
See the Corvallis Faucet Installation Cost Report
95330, Lathrop, California - July 25, 2023

Faucet Installation

$225.00 to $625.00 for sink or bath faucet (install only)
$225.00 to $625.00 for sink or bath faucet (includes mid-grade fixture)
No payment until customer is satisfied with work.

Reported by:
Jeffrey Handy, Handyman Plumbing Plus
See the Lathrop Faucet Installation Cost Report
70117, New Orleans, Louisiana - July 11, 2023

Faucet Installation

$50.00 to $100.00 for sink or bath faucet (install only)
$100.00 to $200.00 for sink or bath faucet (includes mid-grade fixture)
Depending upon different factors of accessibility pricing is subject to increase more technical ( cutting into walls, etc) the install becomes.

Reported by:
John Sebille, JRSplumbing
See the New Orleans Faucet Installation Cost Report
92064, Poway, California - June 26, 2023

Faucet Installation

$300.00 to $700.00 for sink or bath faucet (install only)
$485.00 to $800.00 for sink or bath faucet (includes mid-grade fixture)

Reported by:
ProMatcher Research Team
See the Poway Faucet Installation Cost Report
33431, Boca Raton, Florida - June 13, 2023

Faucet Installation

$80.00 to $120.00 for sink or bath faucet (install only)
$80.00 to $120.00 for sink or bath faucet (includes mid-grade fixture)

Reported by:
ProMatcher Research Team
See the Boca Raton Faucet Installation Cost Report
78640, Kyle, Texas - May 31, 2023

Faucet Installation

$293.00 to $355.00 for sink or bath faucet (install only)
$391.00 to $655.00 for sink or bath faucet (includes mid-grade fixture)
I prefer to give every customer an ( in person ) free estimate . I choose to do this to keep the price unchanged with no hidden fees or any costly add on that would have been missed if not seen in person .

Reported by:
Tray Turner, T and T Repair Services
See the Kyle Faucet Installation Cost Report
92027, Escondido, California - May 25, 2023

Faucet Installation

$300.00 to $700.00 for sink or bath faucet (install only)
$100.00 to $700.00 for sink or bath faucet (includes mid-grade fixture)
We start the job and the second day of work we ask for a down payment when wevare done we ask for the last payment.

Reported by:
Jesus Ibarra, Jd construction
See the Escondido Faucet Installation Cost Report
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