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Cost of Faucet Installation

Faucet Installation: Cost Factors

The cost of faucet installation will increase or decrease based upon a number of factors. This article is intended to provide you with a checklist of questions to ask yourself and your contractor.

This key will serve as your guide:

$0 = No additional cost
$ = Standard cost
$$ = Additional cost

Ask Yourself

Am I replacing an existing faucet?

$ - When replacing an existing faucet.

$$ - When installing a completely new faucet.

Is the existing plumbing up to code?

$0 – When the plumbing is compliant with local building codes.

$$ - When the pipes need to be repaired or other plumbing modifications need to be made prior to the installation of the faucet.

Will the faucet be installed in an easily accessible area?

$0 - When the faucet is installed in an easy to reach area.

$$ - When the faucet is installed in a hard to reach area.

Where will the faucet be installed?

$ - When an outdoor spigot or faucet is installed.

$$ - When the faucet is installed indoors.

If the faucet is installed outdoors, is a frost-proof spigot necessary?

$0 - If you live in a warmer climate and there is no threat of freezing.

$$ - When the threat of freezing temperatures necessitates the installation of a frost-proof spigot.

What type of faucet will be installed?

$ - When a bathroom or kitchen faucet is installed.

$$ - When a showerhead or bathtub faucet is installed.

What material will the faucet be made of?

$ - Plastic faucet.

$$ - Metal faucet (stainless steel, wrought iron, brass, pewter etc.).

If installing a metal faucet, will it need to have a special finish?

$ - When a standard metal faucet is installed.

$$ - When a metal faucet with a special finish is installed (ex. brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, etc.).

Will the new faucet fit in the existing cutouts?

$ - When the faucet fits in the existing cutouts.

$$ - When structural modifications need to be made before the faucet is installed. (Making additional changes to countertops like marble and granite can be very expensive.)

Does a new sink or new drain assembly also need to be installed?

$ - When only the faucet is replaced.

$$ - When a new drain assembly is installed with the new faucet.

$$$ - When a new sink is installed with the faucet.

How will the faucet be controlled?

$ - When the faucet is controlled manually.

$$ - When the faucet is motion or touch-controlled.

Does the faucet need to include a water filtration system?

$0 - When the faucet does not have a water filtration system.

$$ - When the installed faucet has a built-in water filtration system.

Does the faucet need to have any special features?

$$ - When faucet has a built-in LED light.

$$ - When the faucet has pull-out or pull-down sprayer.

$$ - When a built-in soap dispenser is installed.

$$$ - When a pot-filler faucet is installed.

Questions to Ask the Pro:

1. How long do you expect the installation of the faucet to take?

2. Will you ensure the plumbing is up to code?

3. Can you install a faucet that I have already purchased?

4. Will the new faucet fit in the existing cutouts?

5. Is the faucet compatible with the existing sink and drain?

6. Is cleanup included in the cost of installation?

7. How long can I expect the faucet to last?

8. What type of maintenance will the faucet require?

Want to know what faucet material is easiest to clean?

9. Does the faucet come with a manufacturer’s warranty or free replacement parts?

10. Is there any guarantee or warranty on the workmanship and installation?

11. Does the quote include any permit inspection fees?

12. Does the quote include all connectors and mounting hardware?

13. Are there eco-friendly faucets available?

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